My name is Chris and as an underwater hull cleaner I thoroughly enjoy and take pride in my work. And yes I go to hull and back everyday for my clients and care for their boat as I would do for mine.

I work 7 days a week and am available for same day service if required.

Every boat kept in the waters here in South Florida is exposed to marine life that attaches itself to the underwater boat hull and begins to grow. During the warmer months, algae, slime and barnacles accumulate quickly, affecting your boat’s performance. Its engine has to work harder, burning more fuel and taxing the motor and propeller. If the problem goes untreated, it can even affect instrument readings.

Regular underwater hull cleaning is the most efficient way to keep hull equipment in top shape and free of debris. I perform hull services ranging from basic cleaning and scrubbing of the outer underwater surface of the boat. I also come in and scrape all of the boat’s running gear. This includes the propellers, shafts, struts and rudders. I will give you a report on any visual damage or other issues present also.

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